How to choose the best co-working space and how The Executive Zone fit in

Co-working spaces have become extremely popular in the last few years. Without a second thought, it is a great choice for start-ups and budding entrepreneurs to network and collaborate with like-minded professionals. Large companies adapt to co-working spaces to economize, network and fuel employees’ creativity.

So, what are the key things one should look for while choosing the right co-working space in Chennai? Let us walk you through the process and see how The Executive Zone falls under this category.


This is the first but obvious criteria when it comes to company establishment as you’re most probably going to choose a co-working space with a dazzling address. The Executive Zone provides you with a prominent yet fancy address of 766, Anna Salai, Chennai. Nevertheless, it’s important to check out where the location is situated in terms of transport and the neighbouring area. The Executive Zone is located just near Spencer Plaza bus stop and is at a walkable distance from Thousand-Light metro station. It is a non-stop connection through bike, car and provides ample parking space. Anna Salai is a commercial hub in Chennai, in proximity to a number of Bank head offices, Malls, Cinemas, Hotels, Restaurants, and IT companies.

Value for Money

Unfortunately, money tends to become the key factor for most company decisions. Value for money is what comes to mind when choosing a co-working space. The price spent on a seat should be returned as satisfaction. The Executive Zone has a price range starting from Rs. 9000/shared space and the services provided is on par with worldwide best co-working spaces. The atmosphere, affordable plans, location, facilities, meeting spaces along with event access are top amenities that drive value for money.


A co-working space is where professionals canwork on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as per their flexible time. While most start-ups use co-working spaces and have a set timing, once in a while, you may want to switch up your working hours. So, choosing a space with flexible timings or longer working hours are noteworthy points. It is always better to choose a 247 access co-working space. The Executive Zone provides its clients with 247 access and flexibility to change plans according to their needs.


It is really important for one to visit the co-working space in order toverify if the facilities are comfortable enough and suit the needs of your employees. Things like seating arrangements – table and chairs(comfortable forlong working hours), accommodation(for visitors), Wi-Fi, office stationery, printers, scanners and more.The Executive Zone is spread across 25,000 square feet area with access to over 8,000 square feet of shared space. Itprovides state of the art facilities and is equipped with quality reception area, business lounges, 2 cafeterias, 7 diverse meeting rooms, 50-seater amphitheatre and phone/skype booths.


In a 24*7 co-working space, it is important to pay attention to have a space where you feel secure to leave your work and belongings overnight. It is important to check the security measures, especially if the place is open all day and all night.The Executive Zone has CCTV, bio metric access, manned security guards, fire alarms, etc. for the safety and security of the centre and its clients.

Coffee, Food, Perks

As the workspace helps your productivity, it is equally important to find a co-working space that provides unlimited coffee for refreshment. Most spaces provide 24*7 availability of refreshment and other compliments. The Executive Zone has umpteen food options, tea, coffee, filtered water for your refreshment and if you think you need a break, come try our foosball table.

High-speed internet

If you are using internet for emails and uploading heavy files to the cloud, you should move your work to somewhere with a strong and reliable internet connection. Most co-working spaces ensure that the Wi-Fi is at top speed, but it is a good foresight to enquire and test it yourself during one of your co-working space tours. The Executive Zone provides 100 Mbps speed internet connection for your seamless browsing, video calls, file transfer/upload etc.


Co-working environment is a great opportunity for increasing efficiency for freelancers as it helps them to focus. Some people like to work in collaboration whereas some like to work in private. Some spaces are uncomfortable for work, others feature excessive chatter from community members. The other option is to hire a separate cabin which might be expensive for a freelancer. Privacy in shared work space is very hard to find, be it for productivity, phone call, video call, business meeting or for a personal peace of mind. A good infrastructure can provide privacy in shared space too. The Executive zone has boxes, meeting rooms, lounges and even a skype/phone booth to keep your conversations in private and work in focus.

Office environment

Did you know that lighting, temperature, moisture and noise are very important factors silently affecting your productivity?It is noteworthy that your ambience is supportive for your mind to focus. Also, there’s nothing that could help you and your business grow faster than learning from your peers. Community mixers and events offer this opportunity. You can find your inspiration or a solution to your current problem from the unexpected sources! The Executive Zone has a client base across various fields for better opportunities to network and collaborate.

Visit The Executive Zone at Anna Salai, Chennai, to check out the ideal and optimal work environment and infrastructure facilities available in the centre.

How Co-working spaces adapt to new normal

With the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic taking effect in 2020, adapting to the current situation and the changes it brings in every business is inevitable. The Indian economy is slowly bouncing back to a “new normal” and most industries – including co-working spaces are re-inventing their business model to adapt to a post pandemic life.The ability to nest a strong community spirit determined to win in these trying times will bat well for the co-working industry.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the prolonged lockdown has brought about a realization among MNCs that co-working spaces have the potential to change the dynamics of a workplace forever.

To face all the challenges, let us see a few steps that are deemed as new normal –

Office tours go virtual

Virtual office space tours have become inevitable with lockdown restrictions in placeto pause travel (onsite visits). Whether through Skype or Zoom, businesses are still planning for the future by looking for office space as the virus spread recede. There is an increase in clients opting for virtual office tours, thus providing a 360 degree view of the space enables prospective tenants to have a fully immersive experience.

Virtual office gains attention

Although teams are working from home, businesses need an address for business continuity. Clients are benefitting from the virtual offices services, such as – reception services, a business mailbox and mail management at an economical price to help with day to day operations.

Attracting offers

Co-working spaces are in hunt for new clients. A lot of new ideas are infused to attract the new customers as well as existing ones. Some co-working spaces are offering new members rent-free occupation for up to two months (based on the duration of the agreement) and flexible leasing arrangements to support businesses as they return to the office. Other space providers are offering discounts like 15% off for the first three months.

Safe Secure Sanitized

Some employees need to function out of an office due to lack of technology and distractions around the home, during this pandemic era we see many companies using private office space to accommodate their team members who are unable to work from home. Workspaces have now implemented stringent cleaning measures, including cleaning services every few hours, top-grade disinfectant across all surfaces and social distancing setups which provide adequate spacing between occupants.

More than just a space provider

We see Co-working providers evolve from just being shared workspace providers to being fully integrated workspace solution platform for their clients. Co-working players are providing unique experiences and engagements by offering state of the art amenities and managing the complete building ecosystem by bringing events and community focus to the occupants. It also offers products to the entire spectrum of work requirements including co-working, enterprise solutions and remote working.

The Executive Zone has adapted itself to the changes brought about by the Covid-19 and are ready for the “new normal”. With more safer, more secure and updated workspace environment located at Chennai’s most popular business address – Anna Salai, we offer a selection of high-spec serviced office suites for a better future.