Coworking Dedicated Desk

Join our varied creative community network that is prepared to help your business be successful. A devoted desk in a coworking space is a workplace that is just for you. For the time limit of your membership, no other but you can use the desk and all the comforts it comes with. When you’re not in all day, the place is left empty so that when you do check in, you are ready for work. Coworking memberships attach to access to conference halls, phone booths, high-speed internet access, first-class printing, inexpensive or free access to scheduling events and design services, and certainly lots of expresso.

Our Coworking devoted desk plan traits a dedicated desk for you in a common space made for members who itch to come and go or just don’t like being bound to a cabin but makes sure you have an environment free of diversions.

Benefits of a Dedicated Coworking Space:

  • Switching to a dedicated desk increases productivity for the individuals that work from home.
  • Free from constant distraction a house can provide.
  • Escaping to a coworking space minimizes interference with completing your work using creativity and delivering on time.
  • An affordable option in office space with a premium office.
  • Opportunity to meet other professionals and collaborate
  • Access to all amenities that come with the coworking space.

Coworking Dedicated Desk Space

Why coworking?





  • Who can take up a coworking space?

    Anyone who is looking to move into an office space can choose a coworking space than a traditional workspace. From corporates to freelancers or start-ups, the need for shared office has relatively increased in a period of time. The coworking culture is definitely taking over the traditional boring office space with standard desks and chair. People are constantly looking for inspiration and motivation to work in an environment that will increase the productivity and growth of their employees.

  • How is a Private Office different from Coworking Dedicated Desks?

    A Private Office is a closed, lockable cabin for your business to grow and work privately. While a coworking Dedicated Desk is a desk that is assigned to you in a shared space with other companies. A coworking space helps you in creating more connections and enhance the skills of your employees.

  • Can I talk on the phone or is there a designated phone area?

    We have lounge areas, meeting rooms and phone booths for taking calls, meetings, skype calls, brainstorming sessions, etc. Our space is not meant to be silent like a library but we do ask you to keep a considerate noise level. Due to the nature of the space (open space), coworking dedicated desk is not ideal for those who are working as tele-sales or other phone-intensive work, where you need to be on the phone all day.

Coworking Space FAQs