Choosing a New Office Space? We’re here to Guide you!

Choosing an office space is an extremely important and puzzling task for a company. The space you choose might be a significant factor that may affect your business in the future. For instance, it can affect your office budget, the accessibility and functionality of the space, utilities etc.

A well-connected and a fully-serviced office space, can impress clients and facilitates workplace wellness. It can help develop employee morale and in turn grow your brand image.

A few points to keep in mind when choosing an office space


Location plays a significant role in the process of selecting a new co-working/shared workspace. Knowing that clients and employees can make it to the office without any hassle is important. Proximity to airports and metro stations, coffee shops, etc. ensures that you are on the right track to selecting the perfect location.

Value for Money

The deciding factor for any business owner while selecting an office space is the “Price factor”. Spending too less may result in having to forfeit a number of advantages, and spending too much will result in high expectations which when not fulfilled may lead to discomfort and disappointment. Things like basic facilities, services, amenities, hidden charges, contract terms, etc. are some points to look into while considering an office space.


The Size is the next big deciding point right after location and price. Details like the size of desks, more storage, meeting rooms, breakout zones, cafeteria, etc. all add to the quality of an office space.

Having a well sized workstation, dedicated meeting rooms to entertain clients and discuss growth projections with employees, place to rest and take a break admits the busy hectic work day are some features that help employees work better and employers achieve required growth in business.

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Infrastructure and Style

When it comes to working at a coworking space, basic and necessary equipment and amenities are a priority and are needed to make the workday a more comfortable and productive affair. The style aspect in terms of visual appeal, furniture, lounge area, etc. may play a role in the kind of impression a business would like to make to its clients and employees.


Businesses nowadays function mainly with the use of the internet. A bad network/Wi-Fi connection on a crucially busy day would be an employee’s worst nightmare. Finding a co-working space with proper internet connection is very important. Video conference room facilities with the latest video conferencing equipment, projection equipment and furniture are features a business looks for while selecting a perfect co-working space.

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