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Elevate your meetings with The Executive Zone’s Conference Rooms and Meeting Halls in chennai. Whether you’re hosting client meetings or team huddles, we offer a range of cost-effective, professional spaces to accommodate any scenario. From cozy 2-person setups to spacious 20-person rooms, our well-equipped, clean, and fully furnished meeting spaces cater to both client-focused and internal gatherings. Designed with your needs in mind, our meeting halls feature flexible tables, soundproof walls, privacy options, and user-friendly 85” 4k screens for seamless video conferencing. Make your upcoming meeting truly professional at The Executive Zone, where booking is a breeze through our user-friendly online system.

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Business Growth

Embark on a journey of growth with our dynamic co-working spaces, tailored to nurture a collaborative atmosphere conducive to success from the very beginning.

Networking Goldmine

Dive into the networking goldmine to discover a wealth of contacts, foster client connections, and embark on thrilling ventures that propel your success forward

Business & Social Events

Embark on a journey where business and social worlds collide, opening doors to networking opportunities that enrich both your professional endeavors and personal connections

Increased Productivity & Workflows

Designated meeting spaces streamline communication, enhance focus, and facilitate effective collaboration among team members, resulting in boosted productivity and optimized workflows

  • How much does a meeting room in Chennai cost?

    The cost of a meeting room in Chennai depends on the size or seating capacity of the meeting room and the amenities provided. Generally a 2-seater meeting room costs around Rs. 500 per hour, while a 10-seater meeting room costs around Rs. 2500 per hour.

  • Can I book a meeting room for a day in Chennai?

    Yes. An individual / company can book a meeting room for a day depending on their requirement and seating preferences. 

  • Do I need to book a meeting room in Chennai in advance?

    In order to have a comfortable and hassle-free meeting with your colleagues, we recommend you to book your meeting rooms in advance to avoid last minute rush to block a space.

  • Can I book a meeting room for multiple days in Chennai?

    An individual / company can book a meeting room for a single day or for multiple days at a stretch depending upon their requirement.

  • What is the difference between a meeting room and a conference room?

    Conference room is set up like a lecture room which is used for presentations to discuss general topics with a large number of attendees, while a meeting room contains a table and a projector or an LCD that will allow the users to access the presentation that is focused on a key outcome.

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