Event Space

We’re all about creating comfort in your work journey. Whether you’re introducing, meeting, or simply looking for a space to collaborate, The Executive Zone team is here to show you the true meaning of hospitality. We’ll work closely with you to ensure our spaces meet your needs, paying attention to all the little details that matter. With the capacity to accommodate events of 40-100 people, we have the perfect space for your requirements. Our Event space in chennai is equipped with a podium, modern LED display, and a sound system for various activities. We’ve taken care of every detail, so you can focus on making the most of your next event.
And if you believe that the location of an event can greatly impact the attendees, you’re absolutely right. When your event takes place in a co-working space, there are additional factors that come into play to ensure its success. From creating the right ambiance to selecting the perfect menu to cater to your audience, there are many details to consider before your event, We have you covered in advance.
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Here are the kind of events you can host in a Coworking Space:

  • Gaming events
  • Employee wellness activities
  • Launch parties
  • Pitching events
  • Skill sharing events
  • Workshops
  • Promotional events
  • Crash courses
  • And more…

Event space

Area advantage

Be it a convention, a class, a board discussion, or a meetup, area plays a essential part in deciding your event

Spaces to suit your occasion needs

coworking setups give adaptable space choices to suit shifting number of participants, depending on the scale of your occasion and target audience.

Ample networking opportunities

Office Space cultivates ample networking opportunities, fostering collaboration and synergy among professionals, igniting innovation and propelling collective success through shared experiences and resources

Well-equipped facilities

You name it and we have it. Our space have all needful arrangement for perfect execution of your occasion

Amplify your brand awareness

Partner, Collaborate or initiate a Strategic tie-up.

  • Do you host only corporate events?

    No, we host all kinds of events. From closed corporate training to deep-tech hackathons. However, we’re particularly fond of professional IT events which help our community grow personally and professionally.

  • Apart from the events / workshops you host, can we rent the event area for non corporate events?

    Yes, you can. Please, contact our Community Manager to book.

  • What’s the maximum number of guests the event space can handle?

    We can successfully accommodate up to 100 guests.

  • What are the timings for event space?

    03:00pm – 07:00pm Monday to Thursday 10:00am – 07:00pm Friday & Saturday Special time arrangements can be made based on availability.

  • Do you provide administration support?

    We have a team of community and relationship managers to help you out with the process. Our team will be readily available at all times to support you with all your needs.

  • What are the inclusion with event space booking?

    Cafeteria AV System and PA system that can be connected to your laptops Multiple projectors Wireless internet Flat screen TV Parking spaces Administration support Business concierge services

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