Event Space

We’re in the work of making people feel comfortable.

So, whether you’re introducing, meeting, or just searching for a space to work together, let The Executive Zone team acquaint you with what true hospitality seems like. We’ll work with you to ascertain that our spaces fit your requirements, keeping an eye on all those small details that have a great impact. With the ability to house any event place of 40-100 people, we’ve got a suitable space for your demands. The event space is furnished with a podium, modern LED display, and sound system that can be used for a multiplicity of activities. And with minute detail carefully reviewed, all you need to concentrate on is making much of your next event.

If you think that comparing an event has a much effect on the attendees, you are somewhat correct. Moreover, if the spot for your event is a coworking space, different factors come at stake to make your event conquer. From things be looking out of the ambiance like the tune and keeping the carte as per the choice of people heeding the event, there is a lot of other stuff to monitor before everyone comes into your event. Coworking spaces comprise all such conditions for you ahead of time. The trend is now gathering, with more people shifting from their traditional offices to work in a more reciprocal and peaceful atmosphere.

Here are the kind of events you can host in a Coworking Space: –

  • Gaming events
  • Employee wellness activities
  • Launch parties
  • Pitching events
  • Skill sharing events
  • Workshops
  • Promotional events
  • Crash courses
  • And more…

TEZ Event Space
  • Do you host only corporate events?

    No, we host all kinds of events. From closed corporate training to deep-tech hackathons. However, we’re particularly fond of professional IT events which help our community grow personally and professionally.

  • Apart from the events / workshops you host, can we rent the event area for non corporate events?

    Yes, you can. Please, contact our Community Manager to book.

  • What’s the maximum number of guests the event space can handle?

    We can successfully accommodate up to 100 guests.

  • What are the timings for event space?

    03:00pm – 07:00pm Monday to Thursday 10:00am – 07:00pm Friday & Saturday Special time arrangements can be made based on availability.

  • Do you provide administration support?

    We have a team of community and relationship managers to help you out with the process. Our team will be readily available at all times to support you with all your needs.

  • What are the inclusion with event space booking?

    Cafeteria AV System and PA system that can be connected to your laptops Multiple projectors Wireless internet Flat screen TV Parking spaces Administration support Business concierge services

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