Hot Desk

Become a part of our vibrant creative community network, dedicated to propelling your business to success. A dedicated desk in our co-working space is your exclusive workspace, ensuring you have the comfort and resources you need to thrive. During your membership period, it’s yours and yours alone, left untouched when you’re away so that you can dive right into your work when you return. Our Hot Desk option is a bit more flexible. In a designated area, you are free to sit and work anywhere you like as per the availability and your comfort. This option is perfect for all those creative minds who cannot be confined to one single place. With both the options, you gain access to conference rooms, private phone booths, lightning-fast internet, top-notch printing facilities, budget-friendly or complimentary event booking, and design services, not to mention plenty of espresso to fuel your ideas. Our co-working dedicated desk and Hot Desk plan, both offers the ideal blend of a dedicated workspace within a collaborative environment, perfect for those who crave flexibility without sacrificing focus. Join us today and discover the freedom to work your way.

Unlock the Benefits of a Dedicated Coworking Space:

  • Boosted Productivity: Say goodbye to home distractions and turbocharge your work-
    from-home days.
  • Creative Focus: Escape to a co-working oasis for uninterrupted, creative, and on-time work delivery.
  • Affordable Premium: Get a premium office experience at an affordable price.
  • Networking Hub: Connect with fellow professionals and supercharge your collaboration potential.
  • Amenities Galore: Enjoy all the perks that come with your co-working space. Join us today!


Why coworking?





  • Who can take up a coworking space?

    Anyone who is looking to move into an office space can choose a coworking space than a traditional workspace. From corporates to freelancers or start-ups, the need for shared office has relatively increased in a period of time. The coworking culture is definitely taking over the traditional boring office space with standard desks and chair. People are constantly looking for inspiration and motivation to work in an environment that will increase the productivity and growth of their employees.

  • How is a Private Office different from Coworking Dedicated Desks?

    A Private Office is a closed, lockable cabin for your business to grow and work privately. While a coworking Dedicated Desk is a desk that is assigned to you in a shared space with other companies. A coworking space helps you in creating more connections and enhance the skills of your employees.

  • Can I talk on the phone or is there a designated phone area?

    We have lounge areas, meeting rooms and phone booths for taking calls, meetings, skype calls, brainstorming sessions, etc. Our space is not meant to be silent like a library but we do ask you to keep a considerate noise level. Due to the nature of the space (open space), coworking dedicated desk is not ideal for those who are working as tele-sales or other phone-intensive work, where you need to be on the phone all day.

Coworking Space FAQs