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The Executive Zone offers an opportunity to work with your near and dear ones and you get rewarded too. A member referral can lead to big rewards for yourself, new members, and the broader community. You can be sure that when you refer someone to us we will make every effort to ensure the prospect is satisfied. Start referring today as a current member or employee.

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  • Refer anybody in search of a great workspace experience.
  • When the member joins, both of you will be rewarded with cash or free credits or a special gift.
  • What is The Executive Zone Referral program?

    The Executive Zone Referral program is the easiest way to share the workspace with your friend and earn special rewards in the process. Refer your friends to our workspace by sharing their details on our page. When he/she joins, both you and your friend will be rewarded with cash or credits or a special gift.

  • What is The Executive Zone Referral reward?

    All existing The Executive Zone members along with the friends they refer are eligible for Referral reward. Following are more details about this reward :

    • The reward can be in the form of Cash, free credits or a super special gift like sponsored trip.
    • It will be worth 10% of the friend’s monthly membership fee.
  • How do I start referring through The Executive Zone Referral program?

    Referring friends through The Executive Zone Referral program is extremely easy and simple. You just have to click on “Refer your friend” and share few details with us to introduce your friend to us.

  • What details do I need to share to get started?

    To refer, just share your email id and your friend’s email id and phone number and we will take it further from there

  • Whom can I refer?

    You can refer any of your friends/acquaintances/colleagues in search of an awesome office space. This can also be considered as a business opportunity where you can refer any potential customer who is looking out for an office space and this way you can make your share of money

  • Is there a limit on the number of friends I invite?

    There is absolutely no limit and you can invite as many friends as you want.

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