Office Space

What does Future of Office Space look like?

From autonomous cleaning devices to tighter cybersecurity measures, the future of the office and workplaces could change above and beyond. Moving forward, many companies will likely reconsider their corporate real estate footprint, whether that involves downsizing or redistributing to coworking spaces . A completely remote workforce seems unlikely, given the intangible benefits of social connection, collaboration, and innovation that in-person working provides. Nonetheless, it will be crucial to create optimal conditions for employees to work remotely as well as in the office. Future of office is changing – from design to location and from sustainability to well-being – it is the shift of our generation. People expect the work place to be even more comfortable – a place where you choose to spend more time without the pressures and formality of the traditional office. People love to belong and feel part of something. The idea of professional networking is not new and by bringing this under one roof you create a very fertile ground for collaboration, which empowers workers. With coworking operators expanding globally, suddenly the membership becomes about much more than just a building or a physical space to go and work in, it’s also an international supportive community.

Where The Executive Zone stands


TEZ Secured Office Space

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted nearly every aspect of our lives, including tasks as fundamental as going to work. While many office workers are still working from home, others across the world are now beginning to return to their offices in person for the first time in months. While remote work can be effective in the short and even medium term, it cannot replace human interaction forever, and can introduce a long list of risks. Ultimately, a company’s culture needs in-person connection—and the physical workspaces that support it—to thrive.

Here at The Executive Zone, outbreak prevention, worker safety, and employees’ peace of mind are at the top as we begin to reopen our office doors. An important distinction is that our view focuses on the area in which we own and operate office assets: the Class A segment—top-quality building in the heart of the business region with amenities catering to a “live, work, play” environment. We expect these assets will fare much better than older office properties with high levels of deferred capital expenditures or those in less desirable locations. In fact, demand for high-quality office space may even increase in the long term as the psychological effect of the pandemic pulls back on the long-lived trend of office densification.

When employees return to our centre, they find that their environment has undergone significant changes. These may include heightened cleaning procedures in line with revised health guidelines, policies to ensure that sick employees do not come to the office, company-provided personal protective equipment and social distancing requirements. Employees also notice new office layouts and upgraded features, such as spaced-out workstations with transparent barriers, no-touch elevator systems and new air filtration systems to circulate cleaner air. In fact, we are piloting advanced air ventilation and filtration systems in our center.


TEZ Office Infrastructure

From fast, reliable WIFI to the ergonomic furniture, data security and handy service that ease our work, infrastructure is the essential foundation for businesses to deliver employment, growth and prosperity.

Spread across 25000sqft, the office layout to the infrastructure, everything is designed to keep focused, creative work applied to your project. Uninterrupted development, short turnaround times, and rigorous security management are a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you work with us. Our magnificent reception area gives a real premium feel to you and your and your clients when they visit you. Our private cabins are noise-free, each desk has its own whiteboard and soft board, and you get the best seats and view with plenty of natural light to encourage productivity. Our 7 meeting rooms which can accommodate from 3 to 20 people are perfect for both group meetings and as 1-1 discussions. We have open ceiling office to avoid a congested feeling. Our 50 seater event space which is perfect for you to host any events/seminars. Our cafeteria is the heart of our active coworking community. You will get an opportunity to have an excellent time and chill outside the regular working hours. Coffee encourages more social interaction which adds more value to the first service. Apart from this, we have a lot of open areas, phone booths, lawn areas, snooze zone, etc for maximum comfort and productivity.


TEZ Coworking Space Location

“Location, location, location.” We’ve all heard that famous phrase, which drives home just how important location is when choosing a space for your office.

Here are two really important questions to ask:

  • Can my clients get there without a hassle?
  • Can my employees get there easily?

If you find an office that ticks these two boxes, then you’re well on your way to finding a good location.

The Executive Zone is strategically located at Chennai’s prime commercial area on Mount Road in the Central Business District (CBD) region, which allows being close to the center of innovation and commerce. With metro station and bus stop just a mere walk away, our location is definitely most commute friendly. Our center is surrounded by many major banks (IOB, AXIS Bank, Canara Bank, Citi Bank, HDFC bank, etc), best 5star hotels (Taj Club House, Vivanta by Taj, Radisson Blu), food courts and malls (Express Avenue, Spencer Plaza) all within 100m range. This makes our centre very convenient and accessible

The Executive Zone is the perfect address for your business. Designed to ensure businesses have everything they need to succeed, with state-of-the-art office space and Grade A infrastructure, convenient commute and access to a community of the India’s leading companies.

Value for Money

TEZ Coworking Space Value

Price is probably the most important factor to most businesses when they’re choosing a new office. If you spend too little, you’ll either end up with an office you’re not happy with, or you may find yourself moving out after a few months. Spend too much, and you might struggle to pay the rent or have to move again to downsize. Neither of those scenarios are ideal.

How do I Check if my co working space is Value for money?

Check all these following points and you will know if you are at the right place.

  • Are there any issues such as broken lifts, heating and air conditioning or other problems you should be aware of?
  • What are the amenities they provide?
  • Is the location easy to access?
  • Are there parking facilities onsite or nearby for employees and visitors?
  • Does the building give off a professional image from the outside?
  • Will your employees and clients be able to comfortably use the space and does it offer enough recreational space or flexibility?
  • Are there any extra fees or hidden costs you’ll have to pay such as utilities, building maintenance, parking or refuse removal?
  • Will you be happy to go to work there every day, and proud to show the premises to employees, suppliers and clients?

All in all, value for money most definitely depends on the safety, security, infrastructure and the location.

You name it, we have it

Fully Air Conditioned

Dedicated Community Team

24 X 7 Access


Dedicated Phone

Ergonomic Furniture

Business Concierge Services

Print /Scan /Copy /Fax

Phone/Skype Booth

Dedicated Storage

Handyman Services

Valet Parking

Office Supplies

Legal /Account Support

24x7 Security

High Speed Internet

Meeting & Conference Room

Audio/ Video Conference Facilities

Business Lounge

Gaming Zone

Power Back up

CCTV Surveillance

Mail & Package Handling

Biometric Access Control