Start A Business in Chennai with The Executive Zone To create an environment

“Where our members are constructive, grow, and collaborate”

We assume that the right workplace can transfer your business forward by granting your team members spaces to focus and unite in — spaces that make them glad to come to work. And those thousand distracting, explanatory details — like making sure the Wi-Fi is fast and safe, or that the printer works? At Executive Zone, they’re all part of the service. Our company include entrepreneurs, established businesses, startups, and small- to medium-sized businesses. With the great hospitality, you are gonna love it here.

Private Office and Dedicated Desk

Members have 24/7 access to a luxurious private office with a high-end desk, comfortable chair, lockable filing cabinet, and insulated walls for sound masking, opportunity to use conference rooms, a fully stocked cafe, mail and package reception and invitations to exclusionary member-only events are only a few of the perks of being a private office and dedicated desk members in our Executive Zone.

Virtual Office

Members will receive a professional mailing address that can be used on their business cards, website, and other important business papers. Members can make use of mail and/or package reception, receive member-only bargains for conference rooms, event space, private day offices and many other benefits.


Whether you’re a small firms or large corporate enterprise, The Executive Zone can accommodate teams of all size by presenting turn-key office solutions on flexible terms. Complimentary meeting room hours are comprised with every team office, and we have first-rate technology services available upon seek to meet the needs of any business.

Meeting Rooms

Our well-equipped, professional, and spacious meeting rooms can suit multiple team sizes. Members or non-members can register these meeting rooms in hourly or daily basis.

  • From investigating the market to securing financing and licenses, these ideas will help turn your startup into a success

Starting A Business with “The Executive Zone”

1. Research the market

The initial step in market research is determining your target demographic. To do this, it’s valuable to create fictional buyer personas of the customers your product or service will profit. In most cases, there will be several personas that fit your product or service and pinpointing these “people” will help you customize your product and marketing strategy to the appropriate audience. 

2. Writing a business plan

Despite its purpose, a business plan should involve the following information.

  • Summary
  • Profile
  • Finances
  • Marketing
  • Organization
  • Funding request

3. Figure out finances

One of the most akin obstacles to starting a new business is secure financing and enough capital to get your sight off the ground. There are numerous ways to do this, as well as using your own savings, applying for a small business loan, or dunking into credit lines. 

  • Use your savings
  • Apply for a business loan
  • Use a credit card
  • Seek investment
  • Apply for a microloan

4. Decide on a business structure

Choosing the appropriate legal structure for your company is key to beginning a business and will ultimately find out how much you pay in taxes and the sole responsibility you face as an owner.

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Corporation
  • LLC
  • Nonprofit

5. Register a name

Your business name is the epitome of your brand mission and vision, and a vital step in protecting this identity is filing the name officially. This registration makes you compliant with the laws around registration, and it implies no one else can register a business of the same name. 

Cowoking Space for Rent in Chennai

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6. Secure proper licenses

Not only is registering your business name primary in starting your own venture, it’s also indispensable to secure licenses to operate your business by law. The number and types of licenses you need is reliant on your business structure and industry. 

7. Decide where to work

Depending on your business kind and the licenses you hold, decision making on where to work is an important step in starting your business. Licensing is needed for those opening a storefront or working from home, and—while this is essential in some instances—alternatives like shared workspaces and shared marketplaces grant you to bypass the added paperwork. 

8. Build a team

Finding quality talent is elemental to the success of your business, yet the hiring process can be loaded with uncertainty. In some cases, the best talent isn’t resident, and hiring remotely brings with it a wealth of heterogeneous considerations—time zones, connectivity, productivity, and feeling part of the team.

9. Promote and grow your business

Based on your industry, you will select to promote your company via digital or original methods, or both. Growth will happen as you start gaining traction and your target public starts purchasing, utilizing, and chattering about your product or service the way you aimed.

Beginning a business is exhilarating —but it can be a heavy workload

Certainly, there’s a dire amount of work involved in building your own business, and the steps needed to register and launch your operation are only the first in a long journey of wins and challenges—and this is just one of the stages where Executive Zone can help.

From providing you to scale with flexible agreements beyond multiple locations to drawing talent with premium amenities and creative workspaces, The Executive Zone is designed for your success. You can avoid licensing restrictions and lodge tax deductions by renting office space through our Executive Zone, and our agile workspaces help ride innovation and boost productivity in teams of all sizes—whether your fire-desking or renting a full space.

From the early start of your company through every stage in its future, you will be always evaluating and adjusting your tactic to give your business every chance of success. Yet fetching these nine steps to ensure the appropriate structure, financing, and legal framework of your business is essential for continued growth. These thoughts will help turn your startup into a success, proving that moving from an idea to a registered business is just the start with us. 

Ease of doing business with virtual office

A virtual office is a real office that does not reside. A virtual office is a place from where you can take advantage of a professional business center’s services and address without having to visit the site in person. A virtuous business address can be used for all official communications, mailing addresses, GST registration addresses, and business registration addresses. Besides address the virtual offices also grant for an increase in productivity, a decline in commuting costs and more resilience.

Virtual offices significantly lower overheads and technology costs – making for a more cost-efficient solution to modern working from increasing your business’ credibility, remote work, no commute, increased productivity, and biggest talent pool to reduction in costs, easy expansion, no long-term pledges, and supporting actions for your business. As well as for entrepreneurs who are just starting out, rather than creating a physical area, the virtual office service can be purchased with less money. which makes your business to the grader level with the following services.

Advantages of doing business with virtual office

Makes Businesses More Professional, Prestigious Business Address

A virtual office allows you to take benefit of a prestigious company address without paying for the physical location. An address in a desired location will help lift your brand’s professional image and plausibility, helping build trust with potential clients. Selecting a virtual office address in a renowned area relevant to your business further build a positive imprint of your business.

Work From Anywhere

Leasing a virtual office offers you and your employees the flexibility to work from anyplace, be that your home office or a local coffee house. As well as does this cut down on hours spent travelling but would free more time to get work performed or do more stuff you love.

No Commute – environmentally friendly

It came to our attention, the two or three hours every day that habituated to be spent tidy-up for work and traveling to the office is nowadays spent working. Because of that, productivity has raised, and our employees are more concentrated. Workers can remotely unite to the office and forthwith begin working. There is less of an effect from fossil fuels and fewer waste of organic materials. Virtual offices also make use of electronic documents, which are less likely to be dislocated and require meager resources to make.

Increase Satisfaction & Productivity

A leading role in larger productivity is a better work/life balance. Working from home, employees are generally under stressed and have more flexibility to find time for personal commitments while still finishing their day’s work.  A virtual office can also promote a more flexible way of working, help to strengthen team productivity, and nurture greater business success.

Larger Talent Pool

When working from anyplace you are not limited to only recruiting talent in the area where your office is. A virtual office approves you to hire the best talent irrespective of where they are situated. You can also recruit more without want to relocate to bigger building. This gives you a great larger talent pool to hire the elite talent and help your business rise.


Setting up a virtual office will support business owners in diminishing infrastructure costs and managing employee variance. By setting a virtual office, you will be able to economize, which will lead to increased ease of doing business. This permits you to keep business expenses low as you minimize costs of commuting and transportation, business equipment, office maintenance and utilities, the price of a full-time receptionist, displacement costs, work attire, and all other affiliated costs of a face-to-face space. This then grants you to save money and focus your finances where you need them best – by capital spending them back into your business.

Easy Expansion

Virtual office is a lower cost and stress-free option to traditional expansion which needs relocating to a larger office and costing even greater rent prices. Because space is not a restricted factor, growing businesses can use a virtual office address to setup a presence in a new location or have many offices around the country, while trial out the market there apart from the cost of relocating to that area.

Business Support

Virtual office packages offer heaps of extra features to back your business so that you can focus solely on your business. You don’t need to stress about tedious tasks like handling calls and classifying post as most virtual office solutions watch out of this for you. You can continue top of admin and be fully

functional 24/7 with your own receptionist. What’s more, there are also conveniences such as co-workspaces and conference rooms that you can use whenever you need to make sure your business turn out well.

Virtual office

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No Long-Term Commitments

Most virtual offices are on a periodical or ad-hoc basis. There are no long-term rent deals as there is for physical office space. This lessens risk as you just use and pay for the virtual office address for as long or little as you need.

Proves advantageous to the Startups in India

If you are a small business or start-up company, you could not have the budget for a premium office in a central location, but this doesn’t imply that you can’t make your mark across the world. A virtual office imparts you with an honorable business address anywhere you like, aiding you enhance your brand image and admittance exclusive markets. Also, at the time the startup phase, the firm owner favor to spend money on projects, marketing, and human resources.

Small and medium businesses who want to restrain their services to a precise place but cannot yield to do so will find the Virtual Office for GST registration to be extremely beneficial. Even for big corporations, having a superior virtual office address in several states is cost effective and will enables you to tap into their markets excluding the attempt of finding physical office space.

What will the virtual office offer for you along with their business services?

  • Access to copier or fax or scanner
  • Mail handling
  • Locker services
  • Courier services
  • Fixed monthly access to meeting rooms
  • Telephone answering

Virtual Office suitable for Online Business

Futuristic businesses can fly almost entirely online and boom through the internet business culture. All of which can better your business and lead to greater result. One of the most flourishing and smartest ways to start or broaden a business today is with a virtual office. From e-commerce to freelance programming, businesses can simply thrive without reserving a commercial location as a headquarters. The first big perk of working with a virtual office is that you can use the office address as the on-record address for your enterprise. It’s even likely to have a completely remote team, nobody has ever seen one another in person. A virtual office can assist your online business handle mail, take phone calls, allows you with space to hold meetings, and so lot more

5 Ways the Virtual Office Can Carry Your Online Business to The Next Step

  • Customers believe businesses with a prestigious address
  • Enjoy a fully staffed office with a customized approach
  • Forget coffee shop meetings: You can fulfil clients in a professional office surroundings.
  • There are completely equipped with conference rooms to use
  • The full access to a shared serviced office space can drive your productivity

While some people may consider that an online business can be run out of the living room or a coffee house, there are good grounds because it’s important to use a professional space and services. The first thing that springs to mind when you realize you need to commit in a virtual office service may be the funds. One of the things that likely take you into becoming an online business owner was the low overhead linked with it. Rest assured, a Virtual office is usually way more affordable than leasing a physical office and moneymaking for everything it requires to run. Here let’s talk about how virtual office can be advantageous to your online business.

1. To Test New Markets

Virtual office services are open for a fraction of the cost of renting a traditional office space. Therefore, several companies use virtual offices to trial new markets without lacking to make a long-term investment. Virtual offices can be utilized on a month-by-month basis, allowing your company to study new markets.

2. To Establish Professionalism

There are so many online businesses, and consumers can be alert of doing business with a company that only has a virtual presence. There is online fraud, as well as tons of online businesses that open and fold very immediately. With a virtual office address, your business benefits a legitimate presence and will appear more skilled to customers.

3. To Make an Impact on Customers

The First impressions mean a lot. When you meet with clients or customers, you aspire to be in a professional environment. People will make opinions about your business if they must meet you in a coffee shop or a studio apartment. When you rent a virtual office, you have entry to professionally furnished meeting rooms, seminar rooms, and office suites.

Virtual office

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4. To Eliminate Downtime When Moving In

If you are going to be employing office space, then virtual offices allow for much more advantage. You can shift into a virtual office immediately, on an ad hoc basis, with no need for preparation, lease negotiations, or furnishing. Virtual offices are erstwhile professionally furnished. When leasing, moving into, and furnishing a traditional office, the overall process can usually take anyplace from a few months to a year.

5. To Rent on an As-Needed Basis

One of the largest benefits of virtual offices is that they approve you to rent space on an as-needed basis. Online companies can undergo sudden increases or decreases in business, which makes renting a traditional office space an unsafe proposition. With a virtual office, professional space can be tenanted on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis, and can quickly be advanced or downgraded when conditions call for it.

6. Credibility

At last, in terms of credibility, with much Virtual Offices, you also have the choice of a Virtual Receptionist.  This means, you have person to answer your calls and let you know when any vital call comes through.  This can be a vast credibility driver for your online business.

7. Increased Productivity

You can continue a higher percentage of productivity with remote workers. Virtual offices tender employees the prerogative to decide their program. They avoid time withering habits and encouraging effectiveness without endangering quality in a much more inexpensive way.

A blooming online business is an influential thing in today’s world, but you still need an economical office as your headquarters. Favorably, with the service of our dedicated virtual office, you don’t have to crack the bank or uproot your operations to procure your own office. Let us control everything you need in a commercial location and office services while you do what you do well: run your online business.

Benefits Of Meeting Rooms with Co Working Space

Performing a professional meeting in a committed meeting room is an essential. Business professionals need an environment where they can concentrate and discuss, but at times their office space is not just enough. Public spaces like coffee shops and restaurants are not suitable to hold a professional meeting. Fortunately, you can now favorably benefit a meeting room that can offer all your needs for a productive meeting. Here are few advantageous points for renting a meeting room.

The Best First Impressions

A good first impression begins with your company showing that you are ready for the meeting. Meeting in a proper conference room portrays your company is serious and faithful. This will leave them a positive impression and will ultimately help your company build a strong alliance with your new client.


Within the confined space of a meeting room. Privacy would not be a issue. Meeting outside your office space can be insecure because of snoopers but most rented meeting rooms are acoustic to protect sensitive data.

Better Focus

You also don’t have to bother about a lack of focus and any interruptions that can delay your discussion inside a committed meeting room. A meeting room will involuntarily create a more focused skilled environment that will set the temper of the meeting. With the soundproofed walls, your meeting is risk-free from outside noise too. 

Plenty of Space

You can opt the most suitable size of the meeting room when you’re leasing. It’s best to plan by concluding the number of attendees. This will come useful in choosing the right meeting room with enough space for everyone. If your office space is small and limited, renting a conference room is recommended to adequately accommodate everyone. 

Meeting Rooms for Rent in Chennai

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Another benefit of getting a meeting room is having to furnish efficient and stable Wi-Fi to everyone. Most meeting rooms for rent comprise Wi-Fi as one of their aid services. This is helpful as most meeting requires a broadband connectivity for presentation and communication.

Better Collaboration

This will make your correlations formal, better aim and productivity. Renting a dedicated meeting room will give you and your operatives the venue to collaborate properly without perturbing about your limited office space. To top it off, this will also be of value create a tighter and better professional bond with your clients and co-workers.

Additional Support Services

Renting a dedicated meeting room accompanies more perks. Usually, a rented meeting room is outfitted with a stable Wi-Fi connection but on demand, other perks can also be included. You can request other services like printouts of vital documents for the meeting. For convenience, you can be able to enter printer before and during your business talk. 

When you’re picking between meeting rooms, it’s recommended to make a shortlist of providers that you confided. Narrow down your choices with the following directives you must consider when looking for an unwavering meeting room to charter.

Things To Study When Selecting a Meeting Room

  • Flexibility
  • Accessibility
  • Support services

If you don’t presently have access to a quality meeting space in your office, it will be perfect for you to consider reserving a meeting space at a local co-working facility. A comprehensive meeting experience with tech resources that you make sure you can host any type of networking event, get down to fundamentals with the evolution of your company and carry out interviews in a quality surroundings. Many businesses that are rock-climbing quickly do not have enough room for additional desks let alone an ample space that could house many people during a meeting. Having access to precise conference rooms, networking rooms, discussion rooms and private offices for synergy will improve your company widely. Including these spaces as part of a traditional office lease can grow high-priced. Therefore, so numerous companies are now shifting over into co-working spaces where these meeting areas can be leased or used flexibly. 

All these conference spaces are outfitted with the best in technology. You’ll be capable of display images on a projection board, take upper hand of 4K displays and sound, use cloud-based printing for booklets and handouts as well as take advantage of guaranteed access that’s professionally monitored. The whole experience can be extremely secure for your company and worthwhile when you require the meeting space. Meeting spaces can also be best spoken to the needs of your demands each time that you rent. This means that you can have a dexterity that’s available for four people or for 40 people based on your needs for a meeting room. 

How Businesses Center Helps Small Businesses Owners

Coworking Spaces offer offices that excite entrepreneurs and mounting businesses alike. Originally, coworking spaces were extensively seen as a way for freelancers and remote workers to battle isolation. Many coworking companies tender private office spaces as well, giving you the perks of your own space without long-term deals. Small and Medium Enterprises have been increasing rapidly with over 63 million SMEs in the country today rising at an average growth rate of 10%. SMEs contribute to 45% of India’s manufacturing output and add to more than 28% of India’s GDP. With renewed economic reforms by the government comprising of rationalization of labor laws, ensuring digital incorporations & creating SME/MSME friendly policies, the SME segment shall not be overlooked by the business ecosystem in India anymore. The Coworking ecosystem which was originally the go-to option for start-ups and freelancers has now turn a prerequisite for SMEs.

With a substantial transfer from traditional offices to flex office spaces earning widespread acceptance, more & more SMEs are cuddling coworking due to cost efficiency, flexibility, tech integrations, excellent base, enhanced productivity, plug and play solutions, and networking time. Thus, allowing them to focus on their fundamental business minus the inconvenience of managing your business. The business centers can boost your business through the services emphasized below.

Instant Scalability

When small business owners search office space, it’s incredibly rare for them to discover a place that is affordable also short-term. Coworking spaces or plug and play office, on the other hand, offer businesses the chance to scale up (or down) as needed, without cracking expensive long-term leases. While the square foot price of most hybrid office space isn’t cheap, their ability to work with you on a short-term, month-to-month grounds (plus their menu of additional services on offer) leads them and other coworking spaces or flex office spaces an attractive replacement to traditional office spaces and their onerous contracts.

Get a Best Price in a Coworking Space

Where coworking spaces grant value, however, is in their access to comforts that would otherwise require you to make large capital contributions. Built into the price of many coworking space memberships is entry to little things—such as coffee, beer, and office items—and more costly things, including printers, online platforms, calling features, and other utilities.

Cowoking Space for Rent in Chennai

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Boost Small Business Productivity

If you’ve formerly been operating your small business out of your home office, or your local coffee shop, get prepared for perhaps the most exciting coworking perk of all: It’s probably that moving to a coworking space will increase your productivity.

Improve Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is vitally important to workers in today’s more connected, “always-on” mentality. That balance frequently gets out wacky when you work where you live. Coworking spaces give solo-entrepreneurs and teams to create a gap between home and work life. As a result, 60% of workers report feeling more casual at home since they initiated coworking.

Access Beautiful, Inspiring Spaces

Again, you may be happy to figure out of your home or your nearby Starbucks. But a rising number of boutique coworking spaces is unique, historic buildings across the country are offering businesses the potential to afford to work in an unbelievable space.

More Networking Opportunities

Whether working from home or working from your private office space one shortcoming isolation. Filled with other small businesses and entrepreneurs, a flex office space offer you more access to new ideas. Coworking spaces pull businesses across a variety of industries and alcoves together in one room or floor. And many of those businesses are peers and contributors to the local society and economy.

On-site, On-demand Talent

It’s becoming ever more common for a small business to make use of the talents of freelancers . Various small businesses use freelancers to write copy, design logos, file their taxes, and more. In domestic coworking spaces, you’ll be able to speedier source and employ your fellow coworkers. It may be easier this way looking over to the next desk to meeting someone who can help.