Changes to be Expected in the Coworking Culture due to COVID-19

We see a fair share of change happening in workspaces around the world in the year 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. With technology as the key feature behind the trends in the past, we see a new future with every new innovation and breakthrough.

Technology has greatly impacted the workplace by focusing exclusively on increasing quality, reducing cost and enhancing scalability, resulting in the booming of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and automation.

Let’s take a look at a few changes we can expect in future workspaces:

Contactless Technology

As we see companies slowly resuming work, employers are considering ways to create a more contactless (or at least a low-touch) workspace environment. Technology will play the key role in this transformation. Contactless check-in where onecan create a visitor profile at the reception by using their own smartphone. Exchanging information digitally instead of the traditional handshake and business cards.

De-Densification – the New Norm

De-densification of the workplace post-COVID-19 era will help occupiers to maintain social distancing and enhance the workspace wellness. It could also urges companies to work in shifts to ensure the office isn’t brimming with people in close contact with one another.

Social Distance Will Be the Key

Social distancing and hygiene during and post the Covid-19 era will be an important priority of all workplaces. Temperature check and the availability of sanitizer at the entry and other high risk/common areas around the office, use of masks, elevator capacity reduction, and safety markings around the office will be some of the precautions taken by employers/workspace providers to better the current situation.

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Emergence of Shared Spaces

With majority of employees opting for flexibility in working from different locations, companies have started to consider downsizing their traditional/conventional offices and leaning towards the idea of setting up offices in shared/coworking offices in proximity to their employee’s residence after considering the pandemic situation(working far from home/ in different cities).

We are still very far from the complete resolution of the novel coronavirus but in the long run, considering the various benefits of shared workspace, coworking as an industry will start to boom.

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